Dr. Clive Schwartz is a paediatrician with a special interest in Developmental    Paediatrics. He can see children and young adults in consultation only after they have been referred to him by their regular doctor.

He deals primarily with individuals who may be underachieving in a learning  or work environment based on their true potential.

Dr. Schwartz works collaboratively with the individual, their family and other professionals (teachers, psychologists, speech and language pathologists etc.) to ensure that an objective and comprehensive approach is taken to finding causes for this.

He will then teamwork to put together an holistic and practical plan of action with meaningful interim and long term goals.

Dr. Schwartz must work closely with a primary doctor.

Procedure & Contact information

1. Meet with your doctor

2. Establish if your doctor agrees to make a formal referral to clive.schwartz@utoronto.ca or

fax: 1-866-846-6939