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Dr. Schwartz is a paediatrician who works primarily with children and young adults who are underachieving relative to their potential. This may be on the basis of some physical or emotion limitation or a consequence of their styles of learning.


Dr. Schwartz relies on a thorough medical evaluation to understand the reason(s) for these difficulties. He then puts into place an individualized and holistic action plan that is a collaboration between students, their parents, teachers, psychologists, speech-language pathologists etc.


He teaches and communicates 

in a plain, meaningful way and defines clear outcome expectations.

He does not provide primary paediatric care but works in consultation with your primary doctor who must first make a formal referral.


1. You must first speak with your doctor about your child and your concerns.

2. If your doctor agrees to a referral for consultation this is our contact information: 


fax: 1-866-846-6939

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