Dr. Clive Schwartz is a medical doctor (paediatrician) who deals primarily with children and young adults who may not be succeeding according to their potential at school  or at work.


Dr. Schwartz collaborates with the patient, their parents and with teachers, psychologists, speech-language pathologists etc. to ensure that a scientific (objective) approach is taken to finding the reason(s) for this and then team-working to put in place a meaningful, holistic and practical game plan with interim and long term goals.

Dr. Schwartz does not provide primary paediatric (newborns, regular care, immunizations etc.) care. 

You should ask your family doctor, parents in your neighbourhood and see this link 🔗

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What do we do?

To get started:

Because he is a consultant (advises your regular doctor) you/your child must first be referred to him by your doctor.

1. Speak to your doctor

2. If your doctor agrees to refer you/your child this is our contact information: 

email: clive.schwartz@utoronto.ca 

fax: 1-866-846-6939